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3D Astro Blaster

Windows 1999
D Astro Blaster is a one- or two-player variant of Asteroids with better graphics and additional options and is based on version 2.01 of MVP's game Debris. The full version can be controlled with keyboard, joystick, or mouse and features the following Unlimited gameplay, only 10 in the demo game. 5 difficulty settings, from easy to psychotic 4 new wave sets, each containing 50 different waves New wave variations, secret waves, and gameplay options Astro Blaster Wave Editor for creating additional levels Astro Blaster Save Game Editor for adding bonus items, weapons, power-ups, etc. Plus, new Aliens, cheat codes. The game can be played as a single player game or as a two player game, cooperatively or competitively with the computer or other real people. The game is included in eGame's "3D Mania" compilation, along with "Galactic Invasion" and "Galaxy of TetriMania".


Windows 2001
Zan (aka Kogi) is a single player, tile matching game. The object of the game is to click on groups of colored shapes to remove them from the game area. Once all the shapes are removed, the player can proceed to the next level. The larger the selected group, the more points are awarded.


Windows 2001
Nomi is a Simonize game for one or two players, in which players must click on lights and repeat sequences generated by the game. It is controlled with the mouse and features music, sound effects, and a variety of difficulty levels.

3D Marble Flip

Windows 2003
D Marble Flip is based on the marble maze game. The game contains a series of mazes, progressively more complex and even deadly to the player's marble. In each maze, the player must tilt the board in any direction to roll the marble. The goal is to collect items on the board and reach the finish line. Complete the board within the time limit and avoid traps such as falling into the void.

Galaxy of 3D TetriMania

Windows 1998
Galaxy of 3D TetriMania is a Tetris-inspired game. The game emphasizes three-dimensional elements, but the player combines blocks in two dimensions. As with all games of this type, the player must "solve" each level by filling in the required number of rows. The game offers two modes of play Classic: consists of standard puzzle pieces. Enhanced: has a larger variety of pieces and "special" pieces such as bombs, goblins, anchors, etc. The game can be played with keyboard, joystick or mouse.

Deep Raider

Windows 2000
The player assumes the role of the female protagonist, Jennifer, who can telepathically communicate with aquatic animals. Bought for her talent, she joins the S.E.A.L., an elite naval unit, and becomes a secret agent for the government before retiring. One day, however, a mysterious attack on an undersea research facility (codename: DEEP) pulls her away from her idyllic life and forces her to investigate. Her mission involves an advanced weapons program, a destructive enzyme called X-118, and, of course, a government cover-up. And, of course, there is a government cover-up. In Deep Raider, Jennifer will explore the DEEP complex and its surroundings through six missions. All of these missions take place underwater, and Jennifer is tasked with accomplishing a variety of simple objectives, ranging from repairing a damaged transmitter to defeating a giant mutated marine creature. Jennifer can telepathically communicate with certain animals to obtain clues for her mission. Jennifer can also work with four animals. The four animals - a dolphin, a stingray, a turtle, and a mutant - can be ridden to perform a variety of abilities.

Slots 100

Windows 2000
Slots 100 is a compilation of "old school" slot machine games. These are all single player, mouse-controlled games, but you can also use the keyboard. These games are not simulations of actual machines, but rather combinations of reels, settings, and denominations that generate multiple "machines". For example, combining the reels of Fortune, 777's, Fruit, and Madness with the Haunted, Coin Castle, Dream Machine, Money Garden, and Santa settings will produce Haunted Fortune, Haunted 777's, Haunted Fruit, Haunted Madness, Castle Fortune, Castle 777's, Castle Fruits, Castle Madness... and so on. All of these machines are 3, 4, or 5 reel, single line payout machines. Two other types of machines are 5-reel "dream machines" with one, two or three pay lines to play and 3-reel machines with five payout lines, three horizontal and two diagonal. Both machines allow players to wager from one to five coins. All machines can be played in multiple denominations, ranging from 5 cents to $100, with an increasing number of machine combinations. For example, "Santa's Madness 3" is a 50-cent machine, "Santa's Madness 4" is a $1 machine, and "Santa's Madness 8" is a $100 machine. The game has optional sound and can be played in high or low resolution, windowed or full screen.

3-D Frog Man

Windows 1998
In this 3D Pacman variation, you control a frog that clears levels by eating bugs, worms, and bubbles while avoiding ghosts. There are three types of levels, each with 10 levels: swamp, river, and ocean. There are also secret passages, hidden bonuses, speed-up arrows, and other power-ups. Scrolling levels have detailed backgrounds, maze hills and valleys, jump features, keys and locks, and "death tiles".

CIA Operative: Solo Missions

Windows 2001
You are Jack Noel, a CIA agent. Your mission is to stop major terrorist groups and drug cartels. During the game, you will have three weapons at your disposal. A pistol, a submachine gun and a sniper rifle. You have to complete several missions. Destroy drug shipments, defeat crime bosses and stop terrorist groups. It features many different missions and locales.

Midnight Nowhere

Windows 2002
In Midnight Nowhere, a man suffers amnesia and wakes up in a morgue. There are half-naked bodies and blood everywhere. Something is very wrong, but he has no idea what has happened, where he is, or even who he is. The town of Black Lake, Russia, is in a state of panic because no one has any idea who or what is behind the slaughter of hundreds of people. Is it a serial killer or something more sinister. . . ? . . . The game is a point-and-click, mouse-controlled game with a third-person perspective. It features animated characters, a mix of 2D and 3D graphics, and a mood-enhancing soundtrack. To progress through the story, players must find and use objects, read various documents, solve various puzzles and talk to numerous characters. Classified as horror, the content is not for the faint of heart. Strong language and adult sexual themes are in keeping with current R-rated movies.